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Animation is used to express ideas

Inform people about products/services, entertain them, advertise their business, etc. In recent years, animation has become a powerful tool to create videos that are creative, informative, attractive, & effective; and help businesses reach out to consumers more easily. But creating high quality stop motion animations requires extensive knowledge and skill. We at top-notch stop motion animation company having a team of skilled animators who can convert your static images into beautiful stop motion animation in no time. Our services include Animated gifs, Gif Animations, Video to Gif, Animation Videos, Static Image to animated video conversion, Animated logo design, Animated banner design, Stop Motion Video, . Contact us today to get started!


What is a ‘stop motion’ animation?

The most common animated technique is known as stop motion, which involves taking a series of stills of a scene over time, each showing a different view and shot from a slightly different angle. Sometimes a still shot will change to a different shot of the same shot. For example, a person may step from behind a car, and step into the path of a car that has just run through a red light. To animate such a sequence in a way that is simple, consistent and effective, requires a different approach from most traditional animation techniques.


What is a ‘voice-over’?

Typically, a voice-over is recorded in a single audio take, and is used for animation, for example as narration or for dialogue. Voice-overs are often the most effective way to tell the story, and to communicate the intended mood or tone.

Stop motion animation is usually an appropriate and effective approach for narrations and for telling stories. The beauty of stop motion animation is its ability to convey a great deal of information in a very simple and direct way.

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