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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

It’s a proven method for marketers and SEO/SEM professionals, and one that has been applied to all sorts of areas over the years: blogs, websites, online directories, articles, ebooks, white papers, infographics, e-courses, and lots of other things.


Content Marketing 90%
Marketing Work 96%
SEO 94%

What is Content Marketing?

The term content marketing is a catchall term to describe various methods of distributing information and content to online audiences, including eBooks, case studies, video, and so on. This content can be used for both B2B and B2C campaigns.

The reason for its growing popularity is simple: it takes the content-creation process out of the hands of marketers, giving them more time to focus on creating quality content.

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Who can benefit from Content Marketing?

If you’re a marketer or marketing agency in Chennai and Coimbatore who wants to take your marketing efforts to the next level, you should be considering content marketing. It will give your company a competitive edge.

By using content marketing, your company will start to build its online reputation. This way, it can attract more people, build relationships with them, and ultimately convert leads into customers.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

To understand how content marketing works, let’s think of your typical client. You’re a local SEO/SEM consultant who has just started working for one of your local clients. You’ve gotten a good rapport with them, and they trust you.

So they ask you to write a blog post on their behalf, where you’ll give them some suggestions on how to improve their website’s SEO/SEM strategy. Then you’re done, you’ve earned some money, and you’ve fulfilled your obligation to them.

With content marketing, things are very different. Let’s say your client is a multinational corporation that is looking to expand its product lines in India.

Now they’re looking for a local SEO/SEM consultant to get their brand noticed in the Indian market. You see their website, and you want to give them some SEO/SEM tips for their new products. You want to pitch them on SEO and SEM-related content, and you want to convince them that it would help their brand.

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Who Creates Content?

This is a very broad topic. Depending on your company, you’ll be using different content creators.

  • Content writers

  • Copywriters

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