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We would like to give our brand a contemporary & minimalistic style. The brand will be a mix of 2 or more colors  and will have a simple and clean look with the beautiful  look.

We would like the logo to reflect a modern style but we would like it to be simple and clear. The logo should show a sense of space and reflect the contemporary and minimalist style of the brand.

The logo should reflect our brand concept of simplicity and consistency. It should be easy to read and show our name. The logo should be clean, fresh, simple and reflect our brand identity.


We want to use blue as a base color with white as a complementary color. We would like a color combination that is modern and easy to read but also recognizable in a very minimal style. We would like to use a very bold and clean typeface. The idea is to emphasize the font and place it in the center of the design. We want the typeface to appear at least 70% of the entire design and we would like the typeface to be used consistently throughout the entire design.

Style & Feel

We would like the logo to reflect our brand’s minimalist and contemporary style. It should be in line with the design style and the logo should feel clean, fresh, simple and modern. The typeface should be creative, clean, simple and modern. We want the typeface to be easy to read and be bold. It should also be possible to be customized to fit our concept and our desired feel.

Business Promotional ideas

A new product must not only be useful, but must also stand out from the crowd, be original, interesting, and exciting    The idea of a book cover that changes to reflect the content of the book.What does the new brand promise? To become an authority in your field. The idea of the brand is to have the credibility to convince, educate and lead your market.The new brand of a chocolate company is the product. The product is good, but it is more important that the product stands for something. The new brand promises to be the go-to brand for chocolate, regardless of the price or the quality.

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Brand Developmental

The developmental stage is a period of time when a business starts to develop and learn how to operate. For a brand, the developmental stage is when a company needs to develop a clear mission statement and to be a recognizable business. During the developmental stage, the company is still struggling to find its identity. The first step in developing a company or a brand is to develop its mission statement. As a company, this is the stage when we develop an identity to communicate our product. Here we develop an identity that can represent our brand to customers. We create a new identity to reflect the new ideas of the company.

Package &

label designing.

How should I package my product?

In order to properly market your product, package need to be well designed and packaged. You need to think about how the customer will handle the packages. Do they want them to be easy to open or do they want to keep them closed? Think about how the product can be seen from different angles and make sure that the packaging matches the look of the product.

What are some things to consider when labeling the products?

The first thing you need to think about when labeling the products is the way that consumers read labels. Some people may have problems reading small print, others may not understand what the letters mean or what the numbers represent. Take into account where the product goes once it leaves the store or online shop.  Make sure you’re using environmentally friendly practices while making sure that your customers know what they are purchasing.

What other considerations do you need to think about regarding packaging and labels?

You need to think about how you want your product to be displayed and marketed. You need to think of ways to get your brand out there. If you use social media or websites, make sure that you have a good business website. When using social media, post often and engage regularly.

Interior and Architecture ideas

Interiors are the inner parts of any building that can’t be seen from the outside. They include things like walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and anything else that surrounds the interior space inside a house or apartment. Interior architecture involves making these spaces comfortable and livable. But they can be quite challenging to design and build.

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Interior Design

Interior design refers to the design of the interior space in a building. The interior design process often combines ideas from both the architecture and interior architecture fields. But you do not need to be an expert in both fields in order to be an interior designer.

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Primarily concerned with aesthetics

The most important part of interior design is designing and planning. This involves thinking about what you want your space to look like. The other main part of interior design is deciding where to put things in the room. You have to decide where the bed is, the desk is, the table is, and so on. This process is called furniture placement. You can do this with both modern and traditional furniture. This process also involves finding a suitable furniture design and choosing from a wide range of furniture manufacturers and suppliers.

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